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Kalliopi Kitchen 79 written by Karen Watts

Yami on Rhodes courtesy of their Facebook page

(photography taken from the Yami Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/yamisushirhodes/)

Despite the fact that Rhodes’ “tourist” season is coming to an end, a courageous restauranteur on the island has opened what I can only describe as an adventurous, but sensational new eaterie:

Yami Sushi House & Korean Barbecue.

We have watched with interest as this totally different from anything else on the island, shopfront in Ixia – with sunset views, was built and developed. From the lighting to the positioning of doors and windows, the style chosen for the furniture and most importantly the installation of cook for yourself tables.

Theo, the man behind Nireas https://www.facebook.com/Nireas-Restaurant-200759013268835/ on Sofokleous in the Old Town – a fabulous seafood restaurant I have written about in a previous blog – has opened Yami with his son.

As a huge fan of Oriental food I have predominantly been disappointed by what is on offer within this cuisine on our island. I won’t be negative, but if you are serious (and fussy, as I am) about Chinese, Japanese & Korean food, don’t waste your time or money anywhere else on Rodos.

Chris & I decided to visit last week, about three weeks after their very low-key opening. I am thrilled to say that I have not eaten anything so good since London (and that’s over 10 years ago!).  On entering you are immediately struck by the serene Japanese-ness of the place. All tables are set up with their own small gas cannisters and woks. The service staff are attentive but quietly calm while the “Show Kitchen” at the back of the restaurant houses two fabulous Japanese chefs. The Japanese Sake is of a good quality and, I thought, a very reasonable price and is served in traditional Japanese Earthenware sake pots and tumbles – the right way to drink sake!

To start we ordered Tempura Prawn and Tuna & Salmon Sushi Rolls. The seafood was fresh and beautifully presented with the Tempura batter being, well, the best I’ve had since London. Light, crisp and melt in the mouth gorgeous!

For our main course we ordered Sukiyaki.

Sukiyaki is one of my dream comfort dishes. And I was surprised to learn that Chris, despite several trips to Japan, had never eaten it. My father used to make it regularly, so it reminds me of home, but I also love the ritual of this dish – the heating of the oil & stock in the wok, the dipping and cooking of which ever meat and vegetables you want, the crazy leap with chopsticks from the wok to the bowl of raw egg and finally on to your bowl of steamed rice. I was in no way let down – Yami are importing Japanese Wagyu beef and using the freshest vegetables and eggs. In a word Oriental foodie heaven.

The Suki Yaki and all the Korean Barbecue dishes are sold for two people.

Go on, share a wok and some food with someone you love.

Visit them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/yamisushirhodes/ 

If Yami maintains the standard of food and service we experienced last week it won’t be long before it is in the genuine top 5 restaurants on the island. And they plan to stay open until mid-December and re-open before the official “season” begins in 2018. We hope so.

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Karen Watts 29/10/2017

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