If you cant`t get the 2018 or 2019 dates you wanted at VLK then this page offers some other suggestions that we feel are very worthy alternatives. Our aim with this collection of personally vetted Rhodes villas and apartments  – from the contemporary through to the traditional –  is to offer the perfect match for the discerning and varied tastes of our potential guests.

Modern expectations for quality rental accomodation are very high so as far as we are concerned there is no room for the bland and generic property. There is no room for the uncaring and thoughtless owner or unscrupulous booking agent. Just as we have established a reputation for looking after all of our guests with integrity we also recognise the importance maintaining a close relationship with each of the property owners we work with. We have a commitment from those owners that they will deliver the very best rental experience. As a result we have some excellent, correctly licensed, options for you to consider – with more to be added to this collection in the coming months…

To back up those high standards found at any of the villas, we remain your point of contact at all times – professionally dealing with your booking and efficiently providing you with all the information you could possibly need to help make your time on Rhodes the very best it can be.

Take a browse through our choices and then contact us for the current rates and availability on any of the properties that catch your eye.

Peter and Philip

Rhodes Luxury Villas - The Collection

Our personal recommendations for stunning alternatives to VLK

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  • Are you eager to present your villa to a high standard, offer a meticulous quality of service and ensure, at all times, the best possible villa rental and experience of Rhodes for your guests?
  • Do you require professional assistance to make your villa that little more special – allowing you to maximise its booking potential?

Then we might just be able to help you…

We will consider promoting and endorsing your (EOT licensed) villa rental business on Rhodes. We will take a look at your villa with a knowledgable, fresh pairs of eyes, offering you our unrivalled expertise in design, customer service and our highly effective marketing capabilities.

You would also receive a much sought after page on this website, becoming part of Rhodes Luxury Villas Collection.

Limited spaces available. Contact us for more details and to arrange a consultation.