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Seafood Super Bowl

Sea Food at Kalliopi Kitchen, Rhodes

Written by Karen Watts

Are you feeling rundown?


Lacking in enough energy to do even the simplest of things?

The cure lies in the Seafood Super Bowl Diet. A protein hit guaranteed to get your sap rising!

All recipes below.

Day One: Swordfish Stew

Day Two: Swordfish Stew again. Like all stews this one is even better on the second day.

Day Three: Clams with Linguine. Yes, I know there is a Clam & Pasta recipe on Kalliopi Kitcen 32: Food. Photography. Love. Learn”  but there are endless variations. And I do love my clams.

Day Four: Fish & Chips Island Styley

Day Five: Trout Fillets with Brown Butter & Almonds

Day Six: Sashimi Tuna with Lemon & Soya.

And on the seventh day you’ll wake with more energy than you’ve experienced in a while.

I promise.

Start by making a good stock for your stew.

A Sweet Vegetable Stock

(Gluten Free Recipe)

3 Carrots, Καρότο (Karoto), washed and chopped

4 Onions, κρεμμύδια (Kremmedia) peeled and chopped

6 Shallots, ασκαλώνια (Askalonia) peeled and chopped

3 Bunches of Parsley, Μαϊντανός (Ma-Indanos), washed and roughly chopped

55 gr Butter, Βούτυρο (Voutero)

1 750 ml Bottle Sweet Red Wine, ερυθρό κρασί (Erethro Krasi)

750 ml Water, Νερό (Nero)

1 tsp Sea Salt, Θαλασσινό αλάτι (Thalassino Alati)

11 Black Peppercorns, μαύρο Πιπέρι (Mavro Piperi)

2 Large Spring Onions, κρεμμυδάκια (Kremmedakia) washed and chopped

Small Handful of Thyme, Θυμάρι (Themari)

4 Bay Leaves, Δάφνη (Dafne)

Bunch of Selena (or Celery Tops), washed and roughly chopped

6 Cloves, Γαρίφαλο (Garifalo)

Melt the butter in a large pan. Add the carrots, onions, shallots and two bunches of parsley. Fry till they soften and start to brown.

Add the wine, water, salt, spring onions and herbs. Bring to the boil. Simmer for one hour. Strain through a fine sieve and leave to cool.

This will make approximately 1.2 litres. When cool divide into portions to use or freeze. This stock is fabulous for stewing fish.


Swordfish Stew

Ξιφίας Στιφάδο (Ksifias Stifado)

(Gluten & Virtually Lactose Free Recipe)

A Little Olive Oil, Ελαιόλαδο (Eliolado)

2 Large Swordfish Steaks, cut into chunks

2 Carrots, washed and chopped

1 Large Potato, Πατάτα (Patata) peeled and chopped

1 Large Onion, peeled and sliced

Large Pinch of Salt

400 ml Sweet Vegetable Stock

500 ml Water

1 tbsp Jamie’s Lemon Pickle – http://www.rhodesluxuryvilla.com/kalliopi-kitchen-45/

Warm the oil in a large pot, add the solid ingredients, stir for a few minutes. Add the stock, water and pickle. Simmer for 25 minutes. This will serve four people, or two people for two days.


Clams with Linguine

Μύδια με Λινγκουίνι (Media me Linguine)

(Lactose Free Recipe)

620 gr Fresh Clams in their shells

200 gr Linguine

4 tbsp Olive Oil

6 Rashers of Good Bacon, chopped

2 Shallots, peeled and finely chopped

2 Cloves of Garlic, Σκόρδο (Skordo) crushed

250 ml Sherry

Large handful of Parsley, finely chopped

Sea Salt and Black Pepper

Rinse the clams in cold water and discard any that are broken or won’t close when tapped against your sink.

Cook the linguine.

Put the olive oil in a large pot and fry the bacon until crisp. Add the shallots and garlic and fry for 1 – 2 minutes until the shallots are soft.

Add the sherry and clams and put a lid on the pot. Cook, shaking the pan until all the clams have opened – about 3 minutes. (Discard any that do not open). Add the parsley.

Divide the linguine between 2 large bowls, pour the clam and bacon mixture over the top, season with a little salt and pepper and toss.

This will serve two people.


Fish & Chips Island Styley

(Lactose Free Recipe)

Whole Red Mullets, Μπαρμπούνι (Barbouni) cleaned. Depending on size 1 or 2 per person

1 Large Potato per person, peeled and cut into chips

Seasoned Flour, Αλεύρι (Alevri)

Olive Oil for frying and chip baking

Heat your oven to 200°.

Place your potatoes in a pot of boiling salted water and cook for 5 minutes.

Drain and tip into an oven tray with approximately 1 cm of olive  oil in the bottom. Bake for 25 – 30 minutes, tossing half way through.

Put seasoned flour into a plastic bag and add the fish to coat them.

Fry in olive oil for 3 – 5 minutes on each side depending on size.

Best eaten with Retsina!


Trout with Brown Butter and Almonds

(Gluten Free Recipe)

50 gr Butter

4 Trout Fillets, Τρώκτης (Troktes)

A handful of Flaked Almonds, αμύγδαλα (Amegdala) lightly toasted

Juice of Half a Lemon, λεμόνια (Lemonia)

A handful of Oregano, Ρίγανη (Rigani) finely chopped

3 Spring Onions, Green Bits only, finely chopped

Sea Salt and Fresh Black Pepper

Heat the butter in a frying pan until it begins to turn nutty brown, add the trout fillets and cook for 3 minutes on each side. Place on warmed plates.

Add the almonds to the pan with the lemon juice, seasoning and herbs. Stir together for a minute, then pour over the trout fillets.

This will serve two people and is great with new potatoes and steamed fresh asparagus, if available, or green beans.


Sashimi Tuna with Lemon and Soya

(Gluten & Lactose Free Recipe)

A Fillet of the Best Tuna, Τόνος (Tonos) you can find

3 tbsp Lemon Juice

3 tbsp Soya

Slice the tuna as thin as you can manage.

Mix the lemon and soya together and pour onto your serving plate.

Place the tuna slices on top.

Super Food at it’s Super Best!


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Karen Watts 29/2//2016

Photography by Chris Watts

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