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Σοκολάτα (Shokolata)

Written by Karen Watts

I adore Chocolate. But it must be Real Chocolate. I don’t care for Nestlé or milk based products flavoured with cocoa. I want the best, bitterest, darkest lusciousness that can be found.

Rodos has a fabulous café culture. In almost any establishment that makes and sells good coffee – and I do not mean Starbucks – you can also purchase the best hot Chocolate, in most places this is literally made by slowly melting the best Chocolate with a little cream until you have the smoothest silkiest drink known to woman. Add a shot of Metaxa, the local brandy, and you have the perfect winter warmer.

This season’s prize for the best guest gift goes to our lovely Patrick. In September he introduced me to the delights of Dominique & Fabienne Persoone – http://www.thechocolateline.be/nl/dominique – this is Chocolate not just to die for, but to live for. Organic beans and herbs and a lot of love combine to create the most awesome Chocolate experience ever: Brasil – White Chocolate Ganache with Coriander, Chilli Pepper, Cachaçarum and a Jelly of Lime; Cabernet-Sauvignon – Caramel with Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar and Pine Nut Praline – to name just two of the intensely fabulous chocolates in their ever increasing collection. If you go to Belgium, or know anyone who is, bribe them for a box – you will not regret it.

This week, inspired by Jeremy Lee’s  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Lee version of the French recipe made famous by Julia Child http://www.juliachildfoundation.org/timeline.html * for Gateau St Victoire, I made:

Chocolate Mousse Loaf

Chocolate cake!

350 gr The Best Bitter Dark Chocolate you can find (Don’t skimp, the results are worth it!), broken into small pieces

3 tbsp Good Expresso Coffee, espresso Καφές (Espresso Kafes)

9 Eggs. Αυγά (Avga)

175 gr Vanilla Sugar (see Kalliopi Kitchen 30 ), ζάχαρη βανίλιας (Sachari Vanilias)

425 ml Whipping Cream, Κρέμα (Krema)

3 tbsp Rum, Ρούμι (Roumi)

1 tsp of Vanilla Powder

75 gr Cocoa Powder, Κακάο (Kakow)

Find a loaf tin you can fit inside a larger oven proof dish. Preheat your oven to 150° and place the large roasting tin one third filled with water in the oven.

Line the loaf tin with baking paper.

Put the coffee and Chocolate in a glass bowl and place over a pan of simmering water and melt gently, stirring often.

Whisk together the eggs and sugar until the sugar is dissolved and the eggs are fluffy.

Whisk the cream till it goes peaky.

Gently fold the cream into the egg mixture, then add the Chocolate, rum, vanilla and cocoa. Take the time to incorporate all the ingredients gently with each other.

Pour the mixture into the loaf tin and place in your home made bain-marie. Bake for 1 hour. Let it sit for a few minutes before slicing.

This is Chocolate addict delight – fabulous hot, cold, frozen, with cream, ice cream (as your hosts Phil & Pete served it – see image above) or just on its own.

* One of the best foodie movies ever made is Julia and Julie – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1135503/ – a movie as warming as the best hot chocolate.

At VLK, amongst their library of gorgeous coffee table books, a fabulous book can be found all about chocolate and chocolate recipes – Rococo: Mastering the art of chocolate written by the founder of Rococo, Chantal Coady. If you are visiting in 2016 it is well worth a read.

Coffee table book at VLK on Rhodes

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Karen Watts 30/11//2015

Photography by Pete Wilcock

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