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“Thank you for reading all about Villa Lindos Kalliopi (VLK) on Rhodes – our home for a number of months each year, on an island we love, support and greatly encourage everyone to visit.

We are UK based, with previous careers in such diverse areas as, for Philip, award winning hair design and management and, for Peter, retail & leisure management and marketing strategies management.

Today our work centres around UK property design, development and rentals – heading up our own UK company encompassing all of that with an evolving portfolio of properties.

Our strong sense of good interior and garden design has led to a lot of our work being featured in (UK) national interior magazines, the national press and television. 

Over the years we have lived in a variety of homes notably in North Wales and Cheshire, favouring the unique charms of old historic houses and revitalising there great potential. However we also felt we needed a little more…

For several years we had dreamed of owning a holiday home abroad. After discovering Rhodes in 2004 we realised this Greek island was at the top of our list! In mid 2007, on our third visit to the island, we stumbled across the construction of the villa in the gorgeous and peaceful bay at Vlicha.

The quality of the build was exceptional and the finish the developer was giving the property was encouraging, albeit predictably generic – so we knew, combined with those heart stopping sea views, that we could go on to create something extra special – and have a great deal of fun with it along the way.

We are really proud to be operating this business in Greece and helping to bring people to the island of Rhodes. More than ever we love the finished results – it is some of the best work we have done. The whole look, flow and feel has exceeded all of our expectations.

The excellent reputation we have achieved is gratifying – and it is never taken for granted.

The whole process of making VLK the concept that it is today has been a highly fulfilling one. VLK is truly enjoyable work and remains very close to our hearts. We plan to further develop this somewhat unique brand we have forged, limiting available dates to maintain the exclusivity and continue to improve as our visions for design evolve – building on past successes.

The development of our creativity continues to advance the high quality of our private villa rental ensuring we have something very special for all of our future guests to enjoy. We are now booking for limited 2018 and 2019 dates.

Thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm!”

Philip and Peter

Pete also writes design blogs for the VLK website – many are collected here: Luxury Design: Inside & Outside

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& the gardens at VLK visit VLK Grand Tour: Mediterranean Gardens

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